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Margie Roxborough

Margie has been part of the Congregational Board in one capacity or another for many of the 25 years. She has been a member at Forest Hill.


She also writes the Sunday school curriculum and is our primary Sunday school teacher.


As Board Chair, she is responsible for setting the meeting agendas, chairing the meetings and putting together the FHUC Annual Report.


Her personal philosophy of church governance is that consensus is not as important as respectful discussion and she tries to create an environment in which people feel comfortable expressing their opinions.


Margie grew up in Oromocto United Church and has been part of worship communities in Vancouver (Lutheran Campus Centre) and Hamilton (Melrose United Church). Forest Hill was a natural fit for her and her family when they moved back to the area, with a casual atmosphere, worship in the round, strong music ministry and progressive theology being important drawing points.


Margie currently works as a genealogist and artisan but holds a B.A. from Mount Alison University and a B. Ed. from the University of British Columbia in addition to her genealogical certifications.

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