This Month

Here are the activities currently happening at the church.

Forest Hill Announcements for Sunday, November 29

  1. Service Posting: The scripture reading and reflection will be posted on our website and Facebook page later in the day this Sunday.
  2. Sunday Singing: We have commenced ‘soft singing’ behind our masks and this will continue for the present time.
  3. Sunday Service Contributor: This Sunday, we welcome the contributions of Mary Grant to our service. Mary is currently hard at work on the lay leader LLWL program.
  4. Advent Outreach: During the 4 Advent services, the envelope tree will once again be available at the back of the church. This year the empty envelopes will be on the tree, and once filled with your gift, they can be put in the offering plate. In addition, on Advent 2, December 06, we will see the return of the famous “Sock It To Me”. To that end, please begin to collect warm socks, mitts, and hats etc. which will be distributed to the centers that service our homeless and needy families. Also, we will collect items for the Community Kitchen’s Backpack program. Please see the latest edition of the Newsletter for the Backpack list.
  5. Special Decorations for Advent/Christmas: May Houston is our coordinator for the special contributions from members for our decorations in the Sanctuary and on the tree.. We are looking for garlands, wreaths, birds, stars and angels.
  6. Missing Vases: Jennifer Abbott reports that she is missing two vases that have been used for church flowers, one is a wide-topped clear glass vase and the other is a straight black vase. If you have seen them please let Jennifer know, 454-2829.
  7. Church Calendars are now available. They make good Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers at $10.00 each. For your copy see Jennifer Abbott after service or call 454-2829.
  8. Input: Please contact Jean Fisher at 454-1973.

Line Dancing – Mondays 9:30-12:15 and Wednesdays 11:45-2:30

Book Club the first Tuesday of the month 
Sparks, Brownies and Guides - Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:30

Floor Curling – Wednesdays 10:00 -12:00
Beavers - Wednesday evenings (outside only) 6:30-7:30

String Along - Thursdays 1:00 - 4:00

Akido (Adult) – Monday and Thursday Evening 7:00-8:30

Akido (Children) – Saturday Morning 11:00-1:30