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  1. Greenwood Drive Baptist Church hold a Clothing Bank every Wednesday morning from 9am - 11:15am at 150 Greenwood Drive.  All items are free!  There are adult and children's clothing, books, toys, bedding, housewares etc. to give away.  All Covid protocols are in effect; therefore, you must make an appointment.  People can email the church at or call the office at 452-8593 M-W mornings. This notice will also be placed on the Forest Hill website for future reference.

The Food Bank continues to thank you for the support you’ve given us, but also wants to ask you to consider giving of your time and skills. We run our organization through many thousands of volunteer hours, and we could always use more. If you are interested in helping us, we have many different ways to help: clothing boutique sales and support, client interaction, warehouse stocking, garden/greenhouse work, as well as any and all use for professional skills in the areas of graphic design, public relations, IT work, nutrition, and many other skills. Please contact us at if you are able to help.


Adopt a Grandparent/Elder (AGE)

Connecting community-Bridging the Generational Divide

A free not- for-profit service matching volunteers of all ages for mutual benefit

You Have:

Skills to teach (chess bridge knitting calligraphy cursive writing)

Mentoring, experience, and knowledge to share

 An appreciation of different perspectives

 A desire to contribute to your community

You Need:

Socially distanced help with groceries, errands, small tasks or chores

More opportunities to chat, laugh, commiserate, brainstorm

 An expanded family and/or friends

Adopt a Grandparent/Elder is a service in Fredericton which attempts to address the generational divide and the need for a more caring community through volunteerism. Those who may have lost a loved one or have a smallish family/ friend base but have room in their lives and hearts for an expanded extended family are matched with others of different generations for their mutual benefit. 

Due to physical distancing constraints, interactions are in the form of sharing....through calls, letters, and emails as well as small support services, deliveries, chores, and errands.  In-person interactions may be possible in the future.

Some volunteer on an occasional basis when there is an immediate need or when they have some free time. Others establish long-lasting bonds. 

Let’s start in 2021 with new connections and the gratification that comes from giving back. This is a free not for profit service strings attached. 

If you are interested or know someone who may be please call Penny at Adopt a Grandparent /Elder 5062616551 or visit us on Facebook

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