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 Deborah Park Videos: The videos of Deborah Park (piano) and Nhat-Viet Phi (organ) playing Beethoven Concerto No. 3 can be found at These videos are a retake of their June concert and were recorded in August at Wilmot United Church. There are 3 videos with a total playing time of about 42 minutes. They can be viewed online and/or downloaded but the files are large and a high speed computer link would be required for download.

Ushers/Greeters needed: Please check your schedule to see if you are available for one or more Sundays to help out with set up and greeting our congregation on Sunday mornings. Sign up sheet is on the back table. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Many thanks. Lorna McKnight

Campbell Soup Labels: We are once again collecting Campbell Soup Labels. Please slit the label near the seam on the can and put the entire label in the appropriate drawer of the white unit on the back windowsill. Unless someone else has something else to do with them, they will be donated to Bliss Carman Middle School to buy books for the library.

Potential Scripture Readers are invited to see the new Date Chart and to indicate their availability for any particular Sunday. Please note the manner of indication given at the top of the Chart. New Readers are most welcome. A copy of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible (which is the version of the "Pulpit Bible") is available to loan for practice, with helpful instructions included. If you have questions, please talk with Patricia Powell (455-8602).

The members of your M&P Committee are:  Bob Fisher, Annemarie Manson, Jula Hughes, and Lorna McKnight.  We welcome your input if you have any concerns or suggestions.

Handmade All Occasion Cards: Looking for a greeting or gift card. Unique handmade cards are available at the back of the sanctuary larger cards are $0.50 or 6 for $2.00.


Cancelled Stamps:  The church collects cancelled stamps for the Canadian Bible Society.  To be used, each stamp must have 1/8? to 1/4? envelope/paper around it.  There is no need to save the entire cancellation mark.  Please place stamps in the drawer at the back of the sanctuary.  1 pound of stamps  1 Bible


Please have all Announcements in by email to the office by 10am Thursday of the week you want them to appear.



A  Reminder if you change your email , mailing address, phone number or other contact info please let the office administrator know so the church list can be kept up to date.


Just Us! Table: Be sure to check out our Just! Us table after church. Along with our regular tea, coffee, sugar, and chocolate. Fair trade coffee, tea, sugar, and chocolate are  available every Sunday here at Forest Hill.   Make  your selection and support the outreach  efforts of our congregation!


Just a friendly reminder that Forest Hill United Church is a scent-free environment.  Strong scents,  aftershave lotions and perfumes have an effect upon others with allergies and asthmatic problems.  No scents make good sense.


You can dedicate a bulletin to celebrate an occasion or in memory of someone special.  Envelopes for this purpose are located in the bulletin rack at the entrance to the church. Two weeks notice is required.


Listen to Sunday Sermons, check the Calendar to see what's happening in the wider church community.,

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